Visit Them All

On my 1st semester of Innovation and Entrepreneurship we were assigned to a disciplinary group project titled “Innovation process” for an idea of our own choice. This page is the result of our research findings and my content creations.

ServicePrinted media
Social media


LocationAarhus, Denmark

Since we had to find the problem on our own and come up with a solution for that, firstly we went through our network and get familiar with our interests that we would work with. We wanted to work with T-shirts industry but firstly we had to find a problem that we could solve through producing and selling them. We decided to look for problems that people struggle with in Aarhus. We created various of online surveys about different topics to find a right topic we would work with. We found out that people who come to the city to study or work feel very lonely in the beginning and they have problems with accomodation and getting to know the city. Therefore we couldn’t improve anything in the housing industry but helping people to build some relationships and get to know the city was a strong opportunity for us. In order to understand the users, find out about their needs and pains and identify some strategies and solutions that can solve an issue by offering a product or service we used design thinking and three zones process as the methods.

Our product is a T-shirt with the text “I am new in Aarhus” on it. We want the newbies to purchase the T-shirt in our online store or during one of our events, find out about our concept and get to know each other. The next step that newbies do is to visit some nice places in the city, collect iron patches and stick them to the T-shirt to uncover the full picture and hide the text “I am new in”. The requirement is to go through the city in at least 2 people, yet we want to get to know someone right? The t-shirt is just a tool that is a part of our concept but it is also an item that will bring memories in the future.

For my individual presentation I came up with a problem of lack of awareness about Visit Them All on the market. The brand is new so that’s its biggest weakness that I wanted to turn into a strength. I built two strategies: offline and online.

My offline strategy was based on printed media: stickers, posters and flyers. Our advertisements don’t uncover our concept, people have to come to our event to find out.

That’s the front, middle and back of the flyer. I didn’t put any specific information here since I want direct people to our Facebook page. The content in the middle uncovers a bit what the concept can be about.

The online strategy is based on Instagram and Facebook.

On Facebook we would like to work with ads, organizing events and regular posts.

On Instagram we would like to promote our T-shirts by posting our own photos but we also would like the newbies to post their photos with #VisitThemAll and spread the awareness about this social entertainment.


We planed to organize the event every 2nd week just so new people can come and join. During the meeting people get to know our concept, they can purchase the T-shirt if they don’t have one yet and have a change to meet other newbies. They get a flyer with the places they have to visit with a short description of each of them.