During my first week of PBA program – Digital Concept Development I was assigned to a group project lasting 4 days. The challenge was to identify a problem related to an existing product or a service and come up with a digital solution to solve it.

ServiceDigital design
Concept development

Problem definition

There is currently a lack of applications allowing to plan trips with friends or family members.

Most applications make it difficult to plan Multi-steps trips (A-B-C-D). In Google Maps it’s possible to create a separate map of a city with particular places that the traveler wants to visit although it’s not possible to navigate from “Your location” to a certain place, neither from point A to B which is useful while planning a day in order to see how long time it takes to go from one place to another and if the traveler is able to see this place before it’s closed.

Additionally, within the current market solutions, there are limited applications with a combination of navigation and planning elements that have an intuitive UX.

Our solution

Travl is a mobile and web-based platform with a focus on a mobile-based application which enables users to plan, share and organize their travel needs and intentions in one convenient digital tool.

So what Travl is about?

The solution is a mobile platform for casual travellers who want to plan their trips. It makes it easier to explore the desired places, plan the trip step by step and even share it with others to ask about their opinion!

The traveler picks a city he wants to visit and starts to plan the places he wants to see. He can use suggested places based on his personal preferences or add places that he Googled by himself.

When the list of places to visit is ready the user can decide on the number of days of the trip and generate a plan of sightseeing. The app provides basic information about the place and opening hours.

The user can share the draft plan with friends and ask them about their opinion therefore the app gives a chance to plan a holiday together with friends or family members.

When the plan is generated we are good to go!

We were asked to record a video of our solution so here it is!