On the 2nd semester of my Top-up Bachelor program – Innovation and Entrepreneurship – me and two other students were assigned to a week lasting project for Danish jewelry store - PILGRIM. The task was to come up with a creative and innovative solution for PILGRIM in order to encourage the clients to come in to the store when they are passing by.

ServiceDigital visualisation
Concept development

IndustryJewelry store

LocationAarhus, Denmark

Firstly research was conducted in order to collect as many data as possible. We went to 3 different stores, observed people and interview them. We found out that the biggest group of clients is teenage girls and young women between 16-30 years old.
The interviews delivered us very valuable data namely: girls come into the store and look at the equipment, touch it but not really try them on except the sunglasses. Asked why they said it is just not comfortable to take off their jackets, blouses etc and they don’t want to try the earring because of hygienic reason.

While brainstorming about the solution we came up with the idea of implementing an interactive mirror in PILGRIM’s stores. It is an innovative solution that turned out would be interesting for the target audience and solves the problem with trying the jewelry on.

The interaction starts with a question “Would you like to try our jewelry on?”, the users clicks “start”.

The girl can see herself in the mirror and firstly pick the category she is interested in and then “try on” particular product. The product can be changed by clicking on the arrows.

When for example a pair of earrings is chosen the other pieces from the same collection can be found and paired.

If the user would like to take a photo she just clicks on the icon on the right upper corner and she can send it to her email, post on Instagram story or feed.

In the end there is a question if the store can keep the photo in order to create a cool wall with their clients in their store. The client can agree or disagree.