Mennica Lubuska

I had a nice opportunity to take part in the process of building visual identity for a company called Mennica Lubuska (eng. Lubuska’s Mint). The firm is one of the most experienced and recognized retail gold depositors in Poland. It transfers the passion and experience to the family land, where it intends to fulfill the mission of popularizing and making gold accessible to everyone. Their offer contains silver and gold coins and gold bars.

ServiceVisual identity
Printed media
Content creation

IndustryMint, Gold traiding

LocationŻary, Poland


I decided to combine two different styles of fonts together; one sans serif – Myriad Pro and script font called Annabelle JF. The Myriad Pro font is usually used for regular text and Annabelle JF for the parts that I wanted to highlight.

Myriad Pro

Annabelle JF


The coins are circle shaped, gold bars are rectangular with round edges – that’s the reason I decided to go with circles and round shapes while building visual identity for this company.

Color palette

The colors I decided to go with are black and yellow. The yellow color symbolizes gold and it is attention-grabbing and very energetic tint, it evokes feelings of happiness, positivity, optimism which is associated with this company since people buy the raw materials to protect themselves financially for the future. I pared yellow with black since it is very elegant and powerful color which brings good looking contrast with white backgrounds and yellow elements.

The first element I created for Mennica Lubuska was a logo. I decided to build a crown out of Annabelle JF font letters. The top part of the crown is build out of two M’s and stones on it from letter c. In the back there is “L” which symbolizes “lubuska” which is the area where the company works. I closed it in a circle just so it creates one whole element.

As printed media content I had a chance to design business cards. I got the information that are required to appear and with the rest I had free hand. I used the principle of closure with the logo on the front by cutting it in half. In the back there is a full logo and the website address.

I also had a chance to create some banners for the website and for Facebook ads.

The owner decided to build his website out of ready templates available on a web shop platform so I didn’t have a chance to design one but I was asked about creating icons.