MAR-MI is a real estate agency found in 2014 located in Zary, Poland. The company works with both primary and secondary market but for two years is more focused on primary one since they combined their power with developers which made them grow pretty fast.

Three years ago I was asked to design a website for this business and I decided to challenge myself and create one. Today, after three years I came to a conclusion that I would be useful to redesign this website by applying the knowledge and methods I got familiar with during my study.

ServiceWeb design
Printed media

IndustryReal estate agency

LocationŻary, Poland

The website is responsive and three versions were designed: for desktop, tablet and phone.

For the first time I had an opportunity to work with SVG files that allowed me to create maps of the buildings. This way I created maps for each investment that’s shows the availability of the properties and allow the potential clients to click on particular one and see the offer instantly.

These visualisations are available only on the desktop version since on smaller formats it would be difficult to use. On the tablet and phone versions insted of the map there are offers representing a particular type of apartment.

As an innovative solution I decided to go with an interactive search because I wanted to make it original but easy and fast to use for users at once. People have the ability to analyze and remember the picture better than text. That’s the reason why I created an icon for each element.

I also created some business cards for the agents with all the information required by the company.