Since 3rd semester of my top bachelor program is coming I was obligated to find a 10 week internship. I wound am amazing opportunity to develop my graphic skills and innovate in company called JumpStory. JumpStory have created a platform with visual content such as photos, illustrations, drawings etc. After I applied for my internship I was asked to work on a couple of small tasks that would verify my knowledge and skills.


IndustryVisual content

LocationAarhus, Denmark

One of the tasks was to design a short guide of how to use JumpStory’s service for potential clients. The guide was made out of 4 steps:
1. Create a free trial account.
2. Explore are visual universe with +10 million photos and illustrations.
3. Download and use unlimited.
4. Decide after 30 days if you want to continue or not.

Each of the picture presents one step.