With today's world being inundated with new technologies and advancements in computing power why not utilize one of the most promising areas of technological advancement, Artificial intelligence.

On my PBA program - Digital Concept Development I was assigned to a group project lasting 4 weeks. The purpose of the project was developing a concept that solves a problem of our own choice using Machine Learning technology and IBM Watson Studio tool. The challenge was to develop an innovative concept and solution in the form of a digital product or service within Algorithmic Commerce. The requirement was to identify a problem though conducting relevant research, train the AI tool up to desired results and deliver a digital prototype of the product.

ServiceDigital design
Concept development


We identified a struggle of everyday casual gardeners who don’t know when their produce is fully ripe and when it should be picked up from the bush. Therefore we formulated our problem statement as:

“How might we improve the gardening and harvesting experience for home gardeners through Machine Learning technology and a digital platform?”

The concept

The concept is an AI service for both; amateur and professional gardeners called HomeSprout. It’s a mobile application that identifies and detects the ripeness stage of a produce that people grow on their own.

The user has his own account where he can take a photo of a fruit or vegetable and add it to his garden.

There is a page for each of the produce that the user is growing. It shows the photo of the vegetable itself, its progress bar and a short information about its ripeness status and what it would be used for at the current stage.

The stages of how the produce grew can be checked on the photos taken while growing. When the progress bar shows 100% the user is notified that the produce should be harvested.

In order to maintain the tasks needed to get done a to-do list was introduced to the system.

In order to present our concept we prepared a video.