On the 3rd semester of my Bachelor Top-up program – Innovation and Entrepreneurship, I was assigned to work on a project with a company of my own choice. I got in touch with Click&Cook, Arla’s sub brand since I’ve seen I could innovate their business and combine two of my studies programs in one and develop a concept for them.

Concept development

IndustryMeal kit service

LocationAarhus, Denmark

About Click&Cook

Click&Cook is Arla’s sub brand created in 2017. The main goal and the idea behind Click&Cook is to sell more of Arla’s products. Click&Cook does that through meal kits service and selling meal plans that includes the recipes built by another Arla’s sub brand, KAROLINES KØKKEN®. Click&Cook wants to inspire consumers to cook by themselves, help them to build their shopping lists and give them the opportunity to purchase groceries and have it delivered to their doors.


Firstly, I conducted relevant research about the meal kit industry in Denmark, the convenience, and barriers in purchasing groceries online and Click&Cook’s target audience as well as their pains and gains.

I quickly realized that the biggest problem for the customers is the fact that when they order a recipe, they get full size products so even though they need 120ml of sour cream to cook their dish they still must purchase 500ml, not just the amount needed as other meal kit services offer. The consumers complain that they don’t know what to do with the leftovers and what to cook out of them since most of the customers don’t have time to look for recipes that contain certain products.

Therefore, I formulated my problem statement as: How can Click&Cook overcome the food waste issue for the customers purchasing meal kits?

Account Personalization

Click&Cook already offers the possibility of opening a personal account on the platform but the only functions that can be done is saving some recipes as favorites. I decided to innovate their platform and offer personalized accounts that can be adjusted according to the consumers’ needs. The consumer can pick the kind of recipes that he prefers, inform about allergies, and pick the products he categorically doesn’t want in his meals!

Account Personalization Prototype

Personalized Account

After the user personalized his account he can see two sections on the page: the recipes he might like and recipes he already saved as well as two options of Click&Cook’s subscription.

After the first purchase the system knows what the consumer bought, what he used for cooking for his previous recipe and what he has left therefore I have designed another section that shows the leftover ingredients and propose some recipes that might be cooked out of them or a suggest to buy some ingredients that are missing but still using the content of the fridge of the consumer.

Personalized Account Prototype


For my final exam I was obligated to prepare a presentation about a new feature that I might add to the system therefore I started to reflect on food waste, and its cause. I have been thinking why people contribute to food waste, why they throw food away and when is the actual moment when they grab an avocado and throw it into the trash. I figured out the most common reason people throw food away is when it is already rotten therefore I wanted to deliver the consumers some tips on how to store food so it lasts longer and it’s consumable for a couple of days more. Therefore, I came up with an idea of sending the users an email with the tips on how to store food, what food can be frozen and for how long etc.