On my Top-up Bachelor program – Innovation and Entrepreneurship I was assigned to a group project titled “Business Model Exam”. The goal was to come up with an innovative idea and elaborate on each of the sections of the business model, although here I would like to focus on the content creation part. Since I was the only graphic designer in the team all of the content creation pieces come from me.

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Concept development

Concept development

Inspired by our interests we conducted initial research and we picked a topic regarding men's concerns about the use of cosmetics. Our research showed that the cosmetic stores are usually lacking cosmetics made especially for men and they usually offer a shelf or two of skincare products and men don’t know where to look for them as well as that men are not eager to use female products because “it has flowers on the packaging” or “it smells sweet and girly”. They feel less masculine and insecure for that reason. Knowing the struggle, we have been working on developing a concept for our product.

The solution is a mobile app, strictly directed to men’s products, as a guide and educational purpose as well showing them the availability of products and its prices both online as well as at which physical stores. This platform is an app that will get men and brands closer together.

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In the menu he can go to “products” where skincare products are divided in groups, “analyse”where he can analyse a particular product or “blog” in order to find some interesting articles about self-care.


Skincare products are divided in groups, the user picks something he is interested in and goes to the product page where he finds all the information about it: description, ingredients, how to use it and the availability in stores.


Users can use this option by taking a photo of a product and the system will analyse the ingredients it contains. The list of controversial ingredients will be shown as well as a short text explaining its danger.


Users can go to the blog to read some articles about men’s self-care.


Check my prototype to see all the functions! :)